Wednesday, September 15, 2010

and off we go...

I love to write. Before I had children, I used to write all the time. I have a 3 year old son (Desmond) and a 1 year old daughter (Ivy) and they trump my writing every time. I cannot concentrate. It's taken me 20 minutes to write these two lines. We've had two poopy diapers, Cheez-Its spilled on the floor and a toddler meltdown to deal with. I have Toy Story in the background, along with a baby doll's gabbering and Ivy's Valentine's Day bear singing "I Can't Help Myself" (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) by the Four Tops . Yeah. I'm a little distracted.

BUT... I promised my husband I would pursue my dream of writing. And write I will! If you're here, you've decided to check out my blog! I don't know if I'll ever live up to my husband's witty blog, but I do hope that what I write keeps your attention and maybe even brings out a smile or two.

A dear friend, Kathy Patterson, and I are learning about the countries of the world (in alphabetical order). As of right now, it looks like we'll be doing two countries a month. Kathy will write about the interesting facts of the country when she's able and I will be posting about the country's cuisine. I will also be choosing a recipe that I think represents the country well and then cooking it! The next day I'll post the recipe and pictures. If you follow Derek's blog, he'll be discussing this topic as well! But his blog post will be called "What my wife made me eat last night!" No joke :)

Thanks for coming along for the ride! It should be fun. I plan on discussing anything and everything you can imagine, from food, family and kids to 70's sitcoms, religion and going green WITHOUT believing in global warming! My husband will LOVE the latter topic (anyone who knows him is laughing right now).

And don't worry... I promise I won't discuss poopy diapers in every post!


  1. YAY!!!!!! I'll add you to my blogroll- welcome aboard!!!!
    And really...poopy stories have their place--I think I've told a few myself.

    Congrats on your new/old passion.

  2. Hey, Chris! Thanks for inviting me. I look forward to it!

  3. Let me know when you want me to post my little "Interesting Tidbit" on Afghanistan. I think I already have one :D

  4. Wow. I don't even feel worthy to follow someone with such dedication and ambition. Studying every coutry? Cooking the meals? taking pictures of them and writing about them? Good grief. I only know one person who might even live up to some of that, and don't tell Sherri, but I'm sure she'd just hop around to the countries with food that sounded good to her. So would I if I even did that much. Anyway Here's to the new adventures of new Christine. Well you're pretty new to me.

  5. FINALLY!! Love you! Can't wait to read the blog.

  6. Thanks for the support! Love you guys...